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Over view of our range of accessories are as follows:


It is a microprocessor based unit, specially designed to fulfill the requirement of a remote and magnified view (Digit Height 5") of temperature reading measured by Model 570 T (4 Digits)/ Ferrolab (6 Digits)


Wireless Large Display Unit

Wireless Large Display Unit with Microcontroller based Technology 4 digit 4 inch ultra bright seven segment blocks for Temperature indication. 8 digit, 2.3 inch ultra bright dot matrix for Date, Time and Run number.


It can be connected to FERROLAB & MODEL 570 T to store the information like CE, C, Si, TP, TL, TS, TF, Date, Time, Heat No.(For Ferrolab) & Date, Time, Heat No., Temperature (for 570 T). After selecting full print mode, it can store 800 readings for Ferrolab and 2000 readings for Model 570 T. It has a centronic output and it is connectable to a parallel printer.


Audio Visual Panel

It is a wall Mountable Auxiliary Lamp and Hooter System. It can be used for giving a remote indication of sequence of signals (Green for Ready, Yellow for Measure and Red for Complete) and Hooter to indicate end of measuring cycle.