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Tempmaster 570

Tempmaster 570 is carefully designed instrument suitable for foundry and steel plant. This instrument is having Plateau Detection Software. This software ignores unstable reading used by transient electrical spikes. Plateau detection is a technique to detect accurate temperature of molten metal.



Tempmaster 570 is provided with current loop output. With current loop output LDU can be installed 300 feet away from Tempmaster 570. It is a 2 wire communication so wiring cost is less. Current loop is having high electric noise immunity.
Tempmaster 570 is having dust proof M.S Cabinet and can be used with all the three types of Thermocouples i.e.Pt/PtRh10%, 13% or 6/30%.
Plateau Detection Software
It is a proven, trouble free temperature measuring system for molten metal.

Technical specifications:

Temp master 570 is having built in calendar, facility to enter heat number, so that when it is used with print I/F unit, you can get the information of particular heat with temperature, date, time and heat number. When Temp master 570 is used with LDU, it can be used to measure the temperature of 2 to 3 different location, even though it is up to 300 meters. Large Display Unit is having 5” display height. It is placed in such a way that it could be visible from all the 3 locations.

A lance socket can be provided near the place where temperature is to be measured. For example if temperature is to be measured from 2 different induction furnace and from the location of ladle. 3 different lance sockets will be provided to 3 different locations in parallel. Audio Visual Panel is used to see the continuity of the tip. Once the temperature is measured, Tip will be taken out from the lance, so there is no continuity, so other person can fit the tip, observe the continuity and can take the temperature reading. Audio Visual Panel is provided to know the end of cycle and Temperature can be seen in Large Display Unit.