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Ferrolab Classic

The fierce competition in foundry business and the continuous demand to improve the product features, quality and to reduce the running cost, the well-trained Design and Development team lead to develop Ferrolab Classic.

Features - Thermal analysis of following parameters:

Carbon Equivalent         Bath Temperature               Saturated Carbon
Carbon                        Under cool Temperature      Brinnel Hardness
Silicon                         Delta-T Temperature           Tensile Strength
Online thermal analysis Cooling Curve on graphic LCD
Inbuilt six digits 2.3 inch, seven segment display for analysis value
Inbuilt four digit 1 inch seven segment display for TP, TL, TS & CE, C, Si
Inbuilt Audio Visual Panel with 92 dB Hooter
Built in 24 column Mini-Serial Printer for instant record printing
Thermal Analysis of 10 Iron Grades permissible with configurable parameters of each Iron Grade with special features of iron grade mismatching
User defined Immersion time for Bath Temperature
Process time for Thermal Analysis up to 240 seconds
Data storage of 50 records of thermal analysis and 150 records of bath temperature readings in instrument
Additional Memory of 1000 Bath and 1000 Thermal Analysis is provided in an additional portable memory stick
Input thermocouple channels and temperature range:

- K type-2 Channels Ch1 for tellurium and Ch2 for non-tellurium cups with Temperature range : 950°C to 1370°C
- S/R type thermocouple for bath temperature measurement, with temperature range of 1000°C to 1767°C

Simultaneous measurement of Thermal Analysis of both channels and bath temperature

Technical specifications:

Measuring Facilities • Thermal Analysis (Dual Cup)
•  Bath Temperature Measurement
For Grey and S. G. Iron Determination of CE, C, Si, ΔT, SC for Unalloyed Cast Iron - Prediction of BHN, Rm
Temperature Measurement Range

Type - K (CH. 1 / CH. 2) 950 to 1370°C

Type - S/R (CH. 3) 1000 to 1767°C

Operating Temperature 0 - 50° C
Calibration IPTS 68 / ITS 90

For Carbon Equivalent: ± 0.05 or better

For Carbon: ± 0.05 or better

For Silicon: ± 0.10 or better

Temperature Display °C / °F
Display Graphic LCD, 240 x 180 pixels
Error Codes Detailed Error Text Information
Linearization Over the entire measuring range
Keypad Dust proof, user-friendly tactile keypad
Measuring Data Storage

175 Records for Bath Temperature Measurement

45 Records for Thermal Analysis

Data Backup Flash Back Storage
Date - Time Real time clock, backup by battery (3V lithium)
Run Number 12 Digits Alphanumeric
Self Check Facility Power On Self Test
Cabinet Dust Proof M.S. Housing

Size – 640(L) X 480(W) X 180(H) mm

Power Supply 230 V AC ± 10% 50Hz.
Power Consumption 25 W
Inbuilt Audio Visual Panel for Process Indication

Large Display - 2.3 inch, 6 digit 7 segment

Mini Serial Printer 24 column

External Connectivity Serial Interface RS 232
Temperature Detection Method Flat Plateau