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Tempstick 529

The Tempstick 529 has evolved totally to suit a harsh and hostile industrial environment. It has proved to be the most dependable molten metal temperature measuring instrument when used with our BMD, Thermotips or Minitips for furnace, ladles and tundish in Foundries and Steel Plants.



CE Certified Portable Pyrometer
Can be connected to PC to get printout of Temperature with Date, Time, Dip Station (Furnace)
Memory facility to see temperature readings with furnace code number
1000 readings can be stored in memory
Easy to use, light weight, portable and rugged unit that survives the toughest conditions
Plateau Detection Software
Accuracy of ± 1°C due to its microprocessor based technology
Overall system accuracy of ± 3°C
Rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium battery and automatic low battery indication
Bright 0.6" digital display
Automatic power shut-off
Buzzer that indicates end of the measuring cycle
No mechanical switches
Can be used with both lance and probe attachments in 529 K
Choice of peak hold or tracking mode in 529 K
Available with K or S/R/B thermocouples

Technical specifications:

Model 529 R/S is used in Ferrous Foundries and Steel Plants. Model 529 K can be used with different types of probes in Non-Ferrous Foundries, Fertilizer, Sugar, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Paper, Process Industries, Metal Processing and Heat Treatment shop.

The microprocessor studies the temperature values and detects exact temperature of molten metal with its flat plateau detection method, thus rejecting variations due to slag temperature differentials, furnace hot spots, transient electrical spikes etc. When used with a N.F. Probe (K-type), it measures lower temperatures and can be used in Track/Peak Hold modes.