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Tempmaster 430

Model 430 T is an Economic version for small steel plants & foundries to measure temperature of molten metal without facility for Large Display Unit AVP, Printer & Data logger.

Tempmaster Model 430 is a carefully designed equipment that makes it different from timer based Peak Hold Temperature indicator or recorder. The microprocessor scans the information received from the thermo tip in a new and unique way to pinpoint true temperature reading. This plateau detection software ignores erratic and unstable readings caused by slag temperature differentials, furnace hot spots, transient electrical spikes etc.



High electrical noise immunity (most suitable for harsh Foundry / Steel Plant environment).
Plateau Detection Software

Technical specifications:

The conversion of milli-volts to temperature is done mathematically to take complete care of nonlinear characteristics of platinum thermocouples, leaving 'no-room' for any false reading. With our thermocouple tips or mini-tips it takes about three seconds. This unique system while used with our different types of thermocouple tips provides you fast and accurate control on molten metal at every Stage.

Signal lights (LED) on the front door indicate measuring sequence. Detection and indications of operational errors are shown on display immediately when observed. In addition to cutting the cost and maintenance free operation, it also gives comfort and safety to operator. Considering lifelong performance and low running cost, Model 430 T gives an economical solution.